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PPT Manipulation

PPT manipulation is probably the most advanced form of manipulation available today. PPT stands for Passive Patient Technique and the reason that it has been given this name is because throughout the procedures the patient relaxes on their front or back in the absence of any strained, stretched or awkward positions.


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PPT manipulation

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Patients like PPT manipulation

PPT’s are silent with minimal discomfort

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How the spine works

Spinal Mechanics

Spinal mechanics is the subject that explains how all the joints in the spine and pelvis articulate (move against each other). Synergetic spinal mechanics is the subject...

Minimal after treatment discomfort


Huge breakthroughs in the understanding of how the spinal joints articulate and become lesioned have been made in recent years by the now retired Osteopath John Bayliss. From his dynamic work with synergetic spinal mechanics he was able to introduced a set of a new advanced methods of manipulation that are virtually stress free and silent.

Osteopathic principles have assured a growth in patient satisfaction with Osteopathic treatments over the years. Patients like the way Osteopaths  view the whole body rather than just the symptom area. So when you couple this osteopathic philosophy with PPT manipulation you get a winning combination that assures the best possible outcome.

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John Bayliss retired 30th October 2016

and is no therefore longer an Osteopath and in practice